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Radiology Information System

A constantly evolving solution with a modular architecture capable of adjusting to your business needs. Fully web based and cloud ready.


Patient and physician portal with real-time scheduling, result check and image visualisation. Fully web responsive available for any device.


Anywhere at anytime. Fully web based solution for on-demand reporting and images integration.


Artificial Intelligence

Lung cancer detection and nodule volume measurement

Detect, segment and measure suspicious lung nodules from conventional or low-dose CT. Useful for tracking changes over time, works with solid, semi-solid and ground-glass nodules. Also classify benign and malignant nodules.

Brain region and brain tumor volume measurement

Accurately segment, measure and track volume of brain structures and tumors from MRI. Includes total brain volume, hippocampus, and ventricles.Automatically measure tumor volumes: active and necrotic regions, and edema.

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